03252020 - John 19

Jonathan Phifer - Friday, March 27, 2020

John 19

Religious leaders along with their followers brought Jesus to the Pilate, pagan judge, for their so called religious crime. Pilate did not find any fault in him for any punishment. He proclaims, “I find no basis for the charge against Him.” Pagan judge tried to set Jesus free but His own people wanted Him dead. It was to fulfill the prophecy but the self-righteousness, selfishness blinded the people of God that, they crucified the Messiah they were waiting for generations. Galatians 4:4-5 says that in the fullness of time Jesus came. The people of God were oppressed and the world was prepared for His arrival under the rule of Romans. Jesus came as a Messiah in such a crucial time that the world needed Him the most. Jews were fighting with Romans to overthrow the Roman government. They were desperate for the Messiah to come and set them free form the oppression of Roman rule. He did not come as they expected as a worrier to overthrow the rule but came as a humble loving man.

So the religious leaders chose the rule of Romans and claimed Caesar as their king and rejected the Messiah. Pilate made repeated attempts to free Jesus and even called Him their king but blinded by selfishness they didn’t want to see the salvation of God.

He remains silent as per the prophecy in Isaiah 53.

On the cross He fulfills the responsibility of being a son. He gives John the responsibility of taking care of His mother. He had other brothers and sisters but as He said those who fulfill the will of God are my brothers and sisters. He called John His brother and Mary became the mother of John and Bible records then on she lived with John.

Jesus fulfilled the task that was given to Him. He fulfilled the law by obedience to the point of death. He took the place of the Passover sacrifice. He became the ultimate sacrifice for the redemption of Humanity. Thus He said “It is finished”

Prophecy fulfilled that His bones were not broken and they will look up on the one they have pierced. Isaiah 53:9, Prophecy that He died with the wicked and buried with the rich.

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